Rakhundi Trek

Trek Information

  • Duration: 3 Nights 4 Days
  • Difficulty: Challenging
  • Months of Operation: April — October
  • Area of Park: GHNP Core
  • Price: ₹3000/person/day
  • Altitude: 3600m
  • Description:

    On this trek you will see a Jogni Temple, brilliant snow-capped mountains, and a spectacular 360 degree view. At night you will see the Milky Way, so be sure to bring your camera gear.

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Green Tirthan

Here in the Tirthan Valley, we have been pioneers of eco tourism. We are continually striving to make tourism here sustainable and ecologically friendly. But we can’t succeed without your help. Anything brought in to the valley has to be taken out again. We can manage our day-to-day waste but not huge piles of litter, garbage, rubbish, trash, kachra, and especially not single use plastic.

All our guesthouses have water filters so please bring sustainable, refillable bottles or containers for your potable water needs. And when you are out in the valley leave nothing behind except your footprints. We want our grandchildren to be able to welcome your grandchildren to an unspoilt, pristine Himalayan paradise and we’re sure you do too.