Collection of village houses in the Indian Himalayas

Stay Tirthan

In the Tirthan Valley, we do everything we can to make your stay truly memorable. Our eco-friendly guesthouses and homestays are the perfect places to unwind, relax and breathe the mountain air. We promise to indulge you with truly tasty home-cooking and traditional Himachali hospitality, while you spend quality time with friends and family. And at the end of the day, there is nothing better than sitting outside by a bonfire with just the sound of a rushing mountain river and a clear, star-spangled sky above.

You can also choose to spend your days on something a little more active. All of our guesthouses are proud to provide some of the best fishing in India, and are happy to help arrange other activities such as cycling or rock climbing.

Our expert tour operators can take you to see the unmissable local sights, such as the ancient towers of Chehni Kothi and the splendour of Jalori Pass, and safely guide you on day hikes. For the more adventurous, we offer multi-day treks in the 1,171 sq km of wilderness of the UNESCO-listed Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP).

The Tirthan Valley boasts a wide range of guesthouses and homestays so you can find the accommodation that suits you. Don’t just dream it, do it. Come and visit the Tirthan Valley.

"With spectacular mountains on display and greenery everywhere, the Tirthan Valley will heal the soul, away from the bustle of the weekly grind - Outlook Traveller

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Green Tirthan

Here in the Tirthan Valley, we have been pioneers of eco tourism. We are continually striving to make tourism here sustainable and ecologically friendly. But we can’t succeed without your help. Anything brought in to the valley has to be taken out again. We can manage our day-to-day waste but not huge piles of litter, garbage, rubbish, trash, kachra, and especially not single use plastic.

All our guesthouses have water filters so please bring sustainable, refillable bottles or containers for your potable water needs. And when you are out in the valley leave nothing behind except your footprints. We want our grandchildren to be able to welcome your grandchildren to an unspoilt, pristine Himalayan paradise and we’re sure you do too.